Test-Driven JavaScript Development

Tired of console.log-ing your way out of trouble? Weary from constant fear of cross-browser issues? Scared of making even the slightest change to production code? Test-Driven JavaScript Development teaches you how to solve those issues and more using unit tests and TDD. Rich with examples, the book provides a solid foundation on automated testing, a test-driven walk-through of JavaScript's unique qualities, and five practical examples of building solid, reusable, cross-browser JavaScript using TDD.

Free sample chapter: Chapter 1: Automated Testing

A simplified and well-explained book about one of the most underestimated parts of any application life-cycle. Christian Johansen brings real world examples, simple to advanced, and a useful library together in one place. I couldn't expect more from Test-Driven JavaScript Development. Excellent learning and definitively easy to read.

Andrea Giammarchi, Lead Developer, NOKIA Gate 5 GmbH

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About the author

Christian Johansen

Originally a student in informatics, mathematics, and digital signal processing, Christian Johansen has spent his professional career specializing in web and front-end development with technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML using agile practices. A frequent open source contributor, he blogs about Clojure, JavaScript, Ruby, and web development at cjohansen.no. Christian works at Kodemaker, a Norwegian software consultancy.